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    • Obesity As A Disease and the Systemic Factors

    • Healthy Schoolhouse 2.0: Empowering Teachers to Shape Healthy Students

    • Childhood Obesity Intervention by Using Community Based System Dynamics in Tucson, Arizona

    • Is Your Child's WebLitLegit?​ Finding Safe & Good Health Information on the Internet

    • Healthy LifeStars At Home: ​ An Online Children’s Health Education Program for Families

    • Addressing Childhood Health in Rural Idaho Through Farm to Early Care Education

    • The Impact of Adolescent Polycystic Ovary. Syndrome on Obesity and the Accompanying Lifestyle and Medication Management Requirements

    • The Forgotten Socials: The Socioecological Model and The Social Determinants of Health

    • The Role of Diet Related Behaviors on Children's Weight Status Over Time in the First Years of Life